May 18 2024


4:30 pm

Varietal Cupping with Seth Taylor

When we were looking at which Canadian roasters we wanted to feature at de la terre for 2024, one of the most obvious choices was Seth Taylor. For some of our team members, Seth has been a favourite for years (and for good reason).

Carrying a reputation for bringing in vibrant coffees with loads of character (and preserving that character during the roasting process), Seth has a knack for staying ahead of the curve. Those who’ve followed him over the years have gotten to see the evolution of how he communicates about sensory experience, always using imagery, colour, and other visual parallels to help describe taste.

Come join us for a coffee cupping with Seth on May 18th! We’ll be tasting an assortment of coffees roasted by Seth that showcase different coffee varietals and what each one has to offer. Cupping is a procedure widely used by coffee professionals and enthusiasts to taste and compare multiple coffees side-by-side; a great way to experience unique qualities from one coffee to the next.

Meet the roaster, connect with fellow coffee lovers, and enjoy great coffees!



The event is finished.

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